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There's another factor at play here that many Canadians and Brits don't know or don't make allowances for if they do know. The various American military branches have a great deal more "say" in the decision-making process for any piece of military equipment. The military also has a "say" in Canada and Great Britain, but have no where near the "clout" in the "halls of power" like the American Armed Forces do. Part of this is because the military plays a greater role in American foreign policy, whereas in Canada the "shadow they cast" is very much smaller in that regard, if it exists at all. There are a host of large items purchased by the US Forces that are "rubber-stamped" by Congress because they accord the military brass the resposibility and authority to use their budgets as they deem fit.


There have been "back-fires", investigations and general screw-ups with this over the eons and politicians still try to interfere like any other country.....and some times succeed and negate certain purchases, tenders and developments. The main difference though, is that the military is basically looked-upon as being the people that have the expertise to justify what they need and are given not complete trust.....but more trust than in Canada, where there's even a modicum of disrespect and distrust shown them on some occasions. One can argue about which system they consider the best, but to try and compare the two systems is like comparing apples to oranges and doesn't do justice to either one.

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Widgeon ------ you'll find that because of a certain Act of Congress, post-kennedy assassination, that the Secret Service would have had most of the "say" in the a/c THEY wanted. Congress gave new rules and decision-making powers to them, regarding the safety of the President, as a result of the assassination. With all due respect to his Office, they are the President's boss in certain areas.....and what he rides in is one of those areas.

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