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Light Icing


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Someone needs a serious pee pee wacking.Now go to the head of the class and write one hundred times or more till it sinks in,

I will not fly in icing again Im a bad bad boy.If you enter it again get the **** outta there and go home.....


Mini............. :down:

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If you are looking for excitement just tell the customer "no way". It's kind of fun actually.


Then watch him try to convince you that you have to do whatever it is he wants.


Then trot out your manuals and show him why you can't do it.


Then when he says that it's only one time explain the consequences if anything should go wrong.


Then when he threatens to have you replaced you volunteer to make the call for him and ask him if he wants you to call Transport Canada first or your Chief Pilot.


Try it you'll like it.

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Didn't one of the V-22 Osprey's in Dartmouth self destruct after asymmetrical ice-shedding last fall ?


"Self-destruct" is a tad extreme. One of the blades shedding ice damaged another blade and they made an emergency landing at Shearwater. Chatting with the driver afterwards, I guess she was shaking so bad they couldn't read the dials!


Their sole purpose in being here is icing trails. Very cool bird!

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i hadn't seen the gazelle blade pic... even a fraction of that ice would destroy a lot of lift and the pucker factor would enter the extreme... :o


but this is a good post, AOG, and even while you're getting told lots of opinions, if it makes anyone think twice about doing the same, it's been a benefit!!


going back to the gazelle pic, i'm curious as to how a fenestron reacts/behaves with icing?? anyone in the know care to share??

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Twinstar_ca makes a good point...it's a benefit to discuss things and it's good you brought it up. I don't know how many times I've asked a question and been totally drop-kicked for not knowing the answer in the first place. In the future, you may wish to word your queries as "....I heard about his guy who......."


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AOG ...I think you're seeing a common theme in the thread.....


My 2 cents...412 driver has hit the nail on the head.....you may get away with it because you have only 'picked up little ice' but the problem occurs when the problem occurs ( i know it sounds ridiculous) Seeing as how ice 'usually forms' from the root of the blade out...the first thing to be affected by icing is the autorotative zone of the disc. How much is the "zone" affected by 'light icing'....a good question for some of the more knowledgeable on this forum...I know that I ( and I'll take a stab in the dark here,) and you as well, are not really well versed on the subject.


For my money, being able to autorotate is the last line of defence against many evils. Flying an aircraft that is not certified for icing into known icing conditions, not only violates all kinds of regulations and reeks of negligence but it contradicts the basic tenents of self preservation by stacking the odds against yourself should something go wrong.


I will presumably speak for all here when I say that none of us want to see the"We lost another good one" thread come up again.


Fly safe....actually fly safer

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"Just land and idle for a few minutes and the exhaust will warm the blades and melt the ice" :shock:



That's the advice I received from a 'less-reputable' pilot last year. His name's been mentioned before, something about running stove oil in an L.


And, no, I didn't heed his advice. Nice thread, btw.

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