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Well all I can say is good luck to all the VIH guys who are having to move on to new jobs.

Although I didnt work for them I worked alongside many of them over the last 5 years in the stewart area and found them to be a good bunch of loyal guys, hopefully it all works out for them.

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Is deuce out to lunch? If by serious he meant the stability of known pay and rotation then he is right on. Off shore black gold seems to pay a better wage and offer a more predictable home life than

It's no rumor. I'm just curious, how many people will go to mustang from vih. What's got me worried is mustang giving away a B2 for 900 something a hour. I don't imagine the pilots are getting top d

I guess there are some who know the direction that VIH is going but they are not saying. Might well be that they are getting out of the VFR single engine market. I did read somewhere that about half

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It's never been defined what this topic is about.......maybe it's time for 412driver to tell all

Touche. I guess it was pretty vague as to who was buying who at the start of the thread. Discovery Air did however buy Northern Air support. Also Discovery owns Great Slave, so in a way Great Slave owns Northern Air Support although they are separate entities and Northern is free to go about its business. A good partner to have though I think. Time will tell.

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Fort St John base was also sold to Bailey and Yellowhead has put in an offer for the remaining assets, VIH will no longer have a VFR division.....that's what I've been told.......that info and $4.95 will get you a coffee at Starbucks I also heard the Oilers traded Greztky???


Sheesh, and here I thought this was about Canadian buying Alpine,,,,

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Sheesh, and here I thought this was about Canadian buying Alpine,,,,



Canadian?? Bought Alpine?????!!!!!


Seriously though here is the rundown.


The corporate end of Noriie Aviation is called "VIH aviation Group".


VIH Aviation Group runs a number of companies including Cougar Helicopters, Cougar-VIH Helicopters (an American only division) An Fbo at Yyj, A big leasing company whose name escapes me, 15 other various pies,and VIH Helicopters. The assets of VIH Helicopters are being sold because the company has outgrown them.


SK92's have a much bigger profit margin then AStars.


It,s basically the same transformation CHC went through in the 90's when it split off the domestic division.


It means VIH Aviation group is playing with the big boys in the big sandbox.


It also means anybody that is really serious about a life time career in helicopter aviation better figure out how fly solely by reference to the instruments .

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Is deuce out to lunch? If by serious he meant the stability of known pay and rotation then he is right on. Off shore black gold seems to pay a better wage and offer a more predictable home life than on shore gold, black or otherwise. How many of you this year again have settled for a "cr ap" base salary and are praying that the country explodes into a fire ball? Off shore is the lion and VFR is the hyena and VFR pilots are the vultures and i think this is a very apt description. If you think not then just watch a Discovery channel show about Africa and watch how the animals behave. Consider how you behave when there is flying to be had, do you share or do you "fight" with your coworkers, slandering them, discrediting them, cutting their legs out from under them and even degenerating to physical violence? (i've seen it all !)


Something that most of the guys working VFR have never figured out, by knocking down your coworker you are also hurting yourself. Kind of su cks when the guy taking you home from the airport who just emigrated from "Somewhere-stan" is making more money than most of you, doesn't it? And don't kid yourself, he's raking it in, putting three kids through university and has a house half paid for here and is sending half the money he makes back home where he bank rolls his entire extended family.


I always laugh at the way we get paid, so much for a salary, so much per hour flown (oh! that doesn't count, it's non-rev. lol) so much for away pay, so much for meals so much for miscellaneous expenses. All sounds great at the beginning of the season when it's all rainbows and cinnamon buns but how many times has it been "the contract did not come through" or "Company X" under bid us" or " 'dam' i sure wish it would stop raining!" and you make less money than Perboop the taxi driver. LOL Oh, and yes i know a certain "Perboop", he lives a few doors down and i don't think i could know a happier, nicer guy.


Yeah, so about a serious CAREER where you can earn a good living that is in line with your level of risk and the amount revenue you help generate for the owners of the machine you fly, the amount of time you spend away from your family, etc...


Getting kind of back on topic, didn't "New" Canadian buy into or buy some company Down Under that was into off shore? Following big brother?...

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