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Tips And Rules Of Thumb

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(1) When parking a/c in heavy winds, park a/c with clockwise-rotating blades, with the wind coming from the port side of the a/c; on a/c with counter-clockwise rotating blades, from the the starboard. The wind will then lift the blades over the tail-boom when slowing down or starting-up.


(2) When starting an a/c up with beyond limit winds coming from the rear, use a sheet of plywood or a garbage can lid held near the tail-pipe to keep EGT's within limits.


(3) One finger width equals approximately 60 minutes when determining how long before sunset.


(4) A pen/pencil placed on a sheet of paper determines the exact position of the sun on overcast days by the shadow they cast on the sheet of paper. Comes in handy for operating by the sun's TRUE bearing in the Arctic.

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One finger at arm's length and and "No" it doesn't work too well in the mountains unless you are in the "trench". If you're "cutting it that close", then make pretend you got skinny fingers or a forgiving Provincial Fire Attack Centre, for example. :D Seriously, it does work, has worked for me for eons, BUT remember.....I said "approximately" because not everyone's fingers are he same width. If you want to be sure, make that 55-60 minutes. As I was told way back when, experiment with it to find out how many minutes your finger is worth. For those contemplating a reply with a "sexual innuendo" concerning that last statement........"we don't want to go there" do we? :lol::lol:


Shaggy ----- I was taught to drink Scotch by my dad and my granny......and it's two fingers inserted INTO the glass from the rim :lol: . Two fingers the other way is for "social drinkers" or those that only intend to have ONE drink. Why the **** would you want to get up and down, up and down, getting two fingers worth anyway? You want exercise, then go to a gym. :lol:

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Shaggy ----- and that prompts other Rules of Thumb:


(1) don't "fumble" when it's your turn to buy a 'round or head to the washroom in anticipation of that moment.


(2) don't "hog" the "forking" bottle when you are drinking with others and no movement of one finger back and forth in the horizontal mode when others want the bottle either. That results in beds being "Frenched" and unoccupied pants being sewn up at the cuffs while one sleeps at night. :lol:

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