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Helicopter Pilot Wages


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The company I am working for is reviewing its pilots payscales and any info would be appreciated. We are looking for monthly + hourly (full-time) and day rates with minimums (for contract pilots).

0-1000 Hrs

1000-3000 Hrs

3000-5000 Hrs

5000 + Hrs

You can PM me if you don't want to post it here.


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Hey amodao,


My last years contract rate for lights and intermediates only was.


$150 a day

$55 an hour

$42 a day - Meals

$3? Away From Base

$3 a day phone


Worked out all-right.


Definitely want more this year. Everything I bought this year got more expensive so I should too.


Interested to see what other guys are getting.



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About "average" rates on the west coast....lights- 125 to 150/hr......Intermediates-145 to 160/hr.......Mediums- 165-180/hr . All with an average of 2.5 to 3 hrs/day minimums. Prime season from April to Oct. Per Diems as per company.......again, this is only an average...... :)

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I think the payscale tops at 4000 hours, I don't know what the numbers are below that.


full time with benefits:

3500 salary which is supposed to go up every year to top at 4000 after 4 years. (they did this to try and give incentive to stick around).


regular light and intermediate: $50/hour

seismic light and intermediate: $65/hour


Ski pilots are on a straight day rate.


Contract rates:

$215.00/day and the same hourly rates as full time. No benefits.


per diem is $38.00/day


rotation works out to 4 weeks on 2weeks off with some flexibilty, if you go over 240 days in a year they will pay you out the contracter day rate or give you time off.


If you have any questions please pm me or just post here. I really believe we should be communicating with each other about pay in our industry. It is my opinion that Canadian heli pilots are overworked and under paid for the amount of skill and dedication required to do our jobs safely.

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