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Helicopters At Work

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You have to appreciate who you are working with, drillers have had the same attitude since helicopters were used for moving drills.


It helps to know the different weight's of the items you are moving and as such notify the fore-person in front of the person responsible for signing your waybill of what you will actually carry for each load.

Advise the person of what the helicopter is capable of lifting and why.

If said person continues to overload you with drill pipe and or stuff in a net, advise him that you will drop the load at that point and shut-down until the load is within limits or sit at idle while they fix the load and they will be charged accordingly.


If you let a driller overload you, he will do it everytime and laugh to his buddies about it. It's a mental thing, most of them think that all you have to do is add a little more fuel.


Please don't fall for the old saying, the pilot before you carried it.


If all else fails, find another job, that one will kill you and the machine.


Drastic, but TRUE.


Cheers, Don

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That was impressive holy crap!


Skidmark, aka fourdaysper, I still think the mini-guns would be more effective and would really help in future negotiations with drilling companies.


"we don't like to put too much stuff on the drill even though the pilot can carry it cause of what happened the last time we overloaded the helicopter, we were down two hours due to the pilot shooting the sh#t out of the powder mag"



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ALL drillers treat every machine like a truck......."it's full when you can't load anymore into it, onto it or the net won't hold anymore". I used to try and reason, but after I had some drillers grab a Hy-Ab and try loading the track off-of a D8 (17 tons) in through the open cargo door of my 205, I now give "no-quarter". As I was nose to bloody nose with the boss, I asked him if he had any clue what the weight was of a stinking 45 gal drum of JP4 was for example. The 6'2", 250lb idiot responded "oh, I throw those things around all the time (and he could) and they run about 150lbs".


Screw the "last guy"......he ain't flying your a/c , gettin' your paycheck and won't be the one fired or buried.

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