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Is This How Were Supposed To Sling?

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Well after reading the paper the other day how our government is going to spend 60 million to investigate the sponsorship scandal of ~100 million am not so sure I want them to fix anything. The U.S.A. spent 15 million investigating 9/11, why we need to spend 60 million is unfriggin believable. To ensure the illegal drugs are tested/harvested and managed with total safety would probably be cheaper to import it from somewhere else(or grow it as they do now). IE a 355F2 to pull that little bit of weed that a 300 could lift is an example. There is a better way for sure, recycling for medicinal purposes is not one IMHO. Bring in scale, digital cameras, inventory then srap the weed is, surely that can be done cheaper and more economical than slinging it out just so it can be inventoried somewhere else then disposed of. The safety of officers on ground at a potentially dangerous location may warrent the removal of it in some locals but never in any of the places I have slung it from.


But they'd probably have to set up a seperate task force especially assigned for remote inventory control thus maybe let the sleeping dog lie. Not many of us mind slinging out the stuff at the taxpayer's expense after all it is light and really not bad to sling, especially on a 150 line.



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