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External Tot/Itt Gauges For Longlining


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Can anyone shed some light for me regarding the external TOT gauge installation for longlining machines?


Does it run both gauges all the time or is it switched (inside gauge/outside gauge), or is this resistance issue overcome with electronic gauges?


I've seen these installations but can't figure out how it's done and have never had a good avionics guy to pick his brain.


Thanks in advance,



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I have a pretty extensive utility background and I'm an electrician as well. I have done Bell medium vertical reference doors and also modified JetRanger's, LongRanger's & 407's for vertical reference work. There are some STC's out there depending on the ship. What are you flying? Although, I have never modified an AStar, not to say it cannot be done. Let me know, sounds like a fun and I'm willing to share my experience. Give me a shout at ron.bannister@fdcaerofilter.com.

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