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Mobil 254 Vs. Aeroshell 555


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I remember passengers telling me there was fuel dripping on their heads in the back seat - the head liner had chafed through the wet line and it was leaking pretty good! I was working south of Coppermine and no engineer let alone any chance of getting parts. Cleaned it off - put some metalset on it and ordered parts. Flew it again a year later and I popped the headliner down - the metalset was still there!

Hey...we must have flown the same beater...will not mention the reg but I had the same thing happen almost word for word...but I took it back to the hangar and had a new line installed before the thing caught fire...it was dripping right onto the voltage reg...ah...Coppermine...now there is a sh***ole I would love to forget....I had to pull out a freewheel from a 206 in a snowbank in March...I actually had to tie a rope to the helicopter to the motel that I was at so I could find my way to and from in a blizzard not to mention when the sun was out it was so f....ing bright you needed wielding glasses on to not go snowblind :lol::wacko: :shock:

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No wet lines to the instruments on the 407

BAH...you are correct...just went and had a look....the L4 we have definitely is wet to the front and I have never changed a transducer on the 407 in 12 years...they must have finally made one that works and tripled the price as well...we had to replace the flex hoses on the instruments in the L4 a few years back as they were swelling up....it's been 12 years since I had the 407 maintenance course...must be time for a refresher :up: :shock:

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