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The guy on the left side normally is a nice guy. Was bucketing with ground crew and spotter, ground crew said they would call when to release water,,,,he never did, so I released when I thought it would be right,,,,"BULLSEYE" was all I heard,,,,thought the spotter was going to caugh up a lung he was laughing so hard,,,,

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No Skully, you got it all wrong!! You MAKE the guy in the left seat call the drops and you will never get the fire out, never have to go home and retire rich!!!




So.. how'd we do? sounds a lot like pickle lake last yr in the ____room!


Hope this summers is as entertaining as last for you SkidsUp! (I still laugh about the birddogs in the east cause of you! Call when overhead!)

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Grass Hopper


How do you figure that a local HAC chapter ( if it existed representing the interests of pilots ) would assist said pilot or engineer who is an employee of one of its members in a case where the Employer has violated say employment standards for example?. I suppose they could suspend the Member or take punitive actions... but hold! on dont companies that have membership in HAC pay huge dues??


In short i would think that operators that get pee pee slapped by HAC would think twice about writing that check... and who then funds HAC?


Its a non starter. ( conflict of interest)


Perhaps i have missed somthing though...Please do tell..



Ever the skeptic, eh, P5?


So, why can't "professionals coming together to discuss and research their important issues and to provide a common voice that already has the ear of the audiences you need to address" assist each other in dealing with employment problems without taking on adversarial roles with operator members of the association? And how do you arrive at the presumption that the association would need to censure any a member of any classification unless, as is already provided for, said member failed to abide with the ree

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