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Hi guys, I have been on three road trips in the last ten days and in that time have driven by a few heli hangars. I cant believe how many helicopters I saw just parked. One place had 12 machines outside their hangar and god knows how many inside! I thought this was supposed to be a really busy season but it's already July and it doesn't look like fires are too good yet. How is everyone doing? Are some industries worse off then others? Is it time to finally do IFR and go outside Canada?

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I am hearing that some spec A/C are going out with less than the 4 hour mins ,for A/C and pilots, is this a new race to the bottom???


4 hours min?, last time i saw something like that was in 2005 if I remember well. Here in the belle province, we get 3 hrs min during the busiest season, got to say that we are busy ...

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It definitely has not yet lived up to expectations... That being said, the rain is really building up those fine fuels so IF we actually get a summer it may yet be not too bad... I recall '03 and '09 being similar to this (maybe not quite as wet) and then that scorching July weather came in and saved the day... Here's hoping!


On another note, I was recently asked by a lady if I felt guilty because it seems we in the rotary wing business spend a lot of time hoping for a natural disaster... I asked her if she thought the firemen in the local hall spent all their time hoping there wouldn't be a fire, and if she'd ever bought one of those sexist fireman calendars... She blushed a little bit so I think she has a lot of those calendars...


Here's hoping for a turnaround!




P.S. Reducing daily mins for the aircraft is a losing game in the medium to long-term. Unfortunately, when faced with choices between survival and oblivion, people choose life... Well perhaps I shouldn't say unfortunately as I am referring to enterprises here, not living entities... Anyway, ride it out and don't knuckle under! You know who you are...

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1341242852[/url]' post='142536']


Are you on Vancouver Island?

Saw you flying over our house the other day.


Yep....1 ship at Henderson, 1 in the Klanawa, and 1 with Helifor up the coast somewhere ?rolleyes.gif

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