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Astar Windshield

Sean Smyth

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We have a new Astar with just over 200 hours on it. It has done 2 tours on the road so far and has spent the rest of its short life in the hanger. It came back from its last tour with a very dirty windshield. After numerous cleaning with soap and water we still can't get it clear again. No scratches, just rough and hard to look through. Almost looks like it has been sandblasted.


The machine was doing a lot of landing in the sand on windy days, but nothing unusual from our other machines. This is the first time I have seen this.


Any comments or suggestions? Anybody else seen this?

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210 can sometimes leave film if applied in the sun. You may be dealing with some tree sap.


Try to reference the AS350 open doc under Standard Practices MTC 20-04-01.

Here you will find the approved products for window cleaning.


On a personal note, you could try a product called "Rolite". I have used it in the past with great success.

Start by cleaning window with a mild soap and only using your hands (No rings or watches).

Try to keep the windshield away from the sun when doing this as soap might dry before you are able to rinse.


Good luck

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