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Long Ranger Down

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:) That's more encouraging  :) ......sounds as though the pilot was very proficient at doing full-on's (a "dig" to all operators that 'don't"), but needs a refresher on "fuel management"...... ;)


Longrangers tricky on the fuel thing.......when ur fuel transfer valves r stuck open (a grain a sand will do) she caves at 200 lbs. This info I never found in the flight manual. I had a fuel contamination once. I caught it with the boostpump check... U pull the breaker, gage shows still pressure but caution light does not illuminate.... as I recall it was something like that. there was no other indication. SO the engeneers had the pleasure of cleaning the fuelcell in the field, they did and awesome job. So at ground idle with both boost pumps off... she does the loud silience thing............i recommend u do this test on the ground......ur Boost pump check does not work with a full tank anyways.........

So give the guy a break till details are know........rumors killl too......

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