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As350B3E Inlet Filter


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We are taking delivery of a new B3e in the near future. We need an engine filter installed, but have heard some not so good things about the AFS system. We have heard they were rushed out on the market and have issues with respect to power checks. We have heard that they have been either failing or have little to no margin after being installed. Has anybody heard anything to the contrary? We do NOT want to install a sand filter!

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We have both the AFS and FDC system. Both system work well but we have problem with the AFS filtering element lower mesh. On th under side of the AFS filter, you have an holder like a comb and it's really narrow. So the whole filtering element is support on a really thin comb and after less than a 1000hrs, the wire mesh rub on the comb and get cut. So they never last the 4500hrs on them. They are very expensive too.

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Well, I am not sure the above posters are aware of the issues you speak of.


The B3e is a totally different animal all together. It uses a "new" way to derive engine health and as such any disruption in the air path causes the computer to have a stroke.


First, the PALL filter isn't any old sand filter, it is leaps and bounds above the previous filters. Having said that, they do not offer the comfort the barrier filters do.


We have an exclusive FDC fleet and also have a B3e in completion at ECL. We originally wanted an FDC filter on it, but heard there were certification issues. I spoke to ECL and FDC and they both confirmed that they could not get the FDC filter on the B3e to pass automatic power checks. I spoke to FDC's engineers and they assured me there is no restriction in airflow to cause the failure, they have ran all the data, it is just caused by the way the computer calculates the numbers. They are going to try to certify it with a correction factor, but that was months ago.


We have since gone with AFS, there are several design elements I like about them, like the maintenance monitor and the fact that if you have dual hydraulics, there is no cowling modifications to be done. They have been passing powerchecks but I have heard the same thing as you, that people were starting to have issues. FDC isn't an option right now, but even if it were that same problem appears to be even worse.


One thing I would be curious about is if the people are having the issue on all B3e's or with or without dual hydraulics (as you know the cowlings are different).


Hope this helps.

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All I can say if it help, is I own a B3e with AFS. The power checks are good and because of the dual hyd, minimal instalation and no repaint to be done. I thinks it's the best option for now.


On our 2 other B3's we are running the turbomeca sand filter, although I like the fact that there's minimal maintenance and no need to carry spare filter or cleaning box and solution, they are not as good as the barrier. We had minimal but still suprising wear on our compressor after only 1000h. Also you put a good 10-15k $ back in your pocket as Turbomeca stuff ,as usual, is out for lunch price wise. Don't get me wrong still love the reliability of Turbomeca but I guess there's a price to that.



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