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Two different accidents involving ditching in the past few days, glad to hear no injuries in either.




"by Jane Wilson-A helicopter hit the water and sank off Langara Island on Monday afternoon (Aug. 13).

The Sikorsky S-76 was on approach when it was forced to do a controlled ditch into the ocean. The helicopter's floats deployed but it became unbalanced and tipped over before sinking. Both occupants were able to climb out before the helicopter tipped and Transport Canada spokesperson John Cottreau said "the occupants didn't even get wet."

The helicopter is currently under water, but Mr. Cottreau said it will be recovered by the insurance carrier. The Transportation Safety Board will be involved in the engine teardown to determine the reason for the accident."





Cadors Number: 2012P1240


Reporting Region: Pacific

Occurrence Information

Occurrence Type: Accident


Occurrence Date: 2012-08-05

Occurrence Time: 2110 Z


Day Or Night: day-time

Fatalities: 0


Injuries: 0

Canadian Aerodrome ID:


Aerodrome Name:

Occurrence Location: Widgeon Lake

Province: British Columbia


Country: CANADA

World Area: North America

Reported By: JRCC


AOR Number:

TSB Class Of Investigation:


TSB Occurrence No:

Aircraft Information

Flight #:

Aircraft Category: Helicopter


Country of Registration: CANADA



Model: 269C 1

Year Built: 2006


Amateur Built: No



Engine Model: HIO-360-G1A

Engine Type: Reciprocating


Gear Type: Land

Phase of Flight: Unknown


Damage: Unknown




Operator Type: Commercial

Event Information

Collision with terrain

Detail Information

User Name: Ferrone, Jennifer

Date: 2012-08-07

Further Action Required: No

O.P.I.: System Safety

Narrative: A1P - 052110Z. (492733N 1223970W - WIDGEON LAKE). Harbour Air picked up two people from a helicopter crash at Widgeon Lake and took them to Coal Harbour Base. No medical assistance was required. TSB and CMCC were informed and the owner was debriefed.[V2012-02172]

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Guest plumber

Which leads me to a question for you folks. If you had the choice between trees or water which would you take? I fly with a guy who has been flying for 40 years and he says he would head for the trees.


He has also done the water egress course and I haven't but I would lean towards the getting wet side.

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I would lean towards the trees while sitting on the couch but in the moment who knows where I would point the old girl.


Unconscious or just stunned for a few minutes could be the end of you in even a few feet of water.


I've had the dunker course many times. Every pilot should take the course! Passenger should also take the course if they spend a good amount of time strapped in a helicopter doing over water operations.


I rehearse the drill in the aircraft several times a year to keep some level of muscle memory.

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I've gone into 100' trees and, although we finished upside-down, we all lived, despite some injuries. I'd take the trees again if given the choice. Water poses too many imponderables for my liking.

I often wondered how I would put it into trees, does one Keep the flare attitude and let her settle tail first or level the cabin? Zero ground speed is obviously preferred if you can get her stopped in time. Not to get into to many details about your experience but I would love your take on this Grasshopper.

On the ditching side of things I think I would choose water in the summer months when I am by myself, other than that I think trees would be best.

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Long ago in a 206 I had a choice between water (shoreline) and trees and took the water. No worries about fire and the machine rolled over on its right side. The only issue I had was the passenger behind me getting out of the machine before everything stopped plus the front passenger stomping me in panic to climb out his door.


Did you know some grown men cry for their moms when they think they might die?

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