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Changes In Flight Duty Time Regulations

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"So what are you saying? If a guy makes a mistake he instantly looses all credibility? Or is it a progressive thing depending on the severity of the mistake?

Additionally, I guess that means you have never made any mistakes, or have you?"


Of course I've made mistakes - we all have, and the advice I give to people (as a registered consultant) is better because of them. The problem is that the word "consultant" is all too often synonymous with the words "otherwise unemployable".


And I'm not saying that one mistake loses all credibility, but that was just one example, and the stuff that he came up with was still nonsense (and running out of fuel in flight is a biggie). Another one who was involved with a company I worked for had clearly not read the 206 flight manual and yet was trying to tell us how to run the company (because if he hadn't read that, what else hadn't he read?) THEY ARE THERE AS ADVISERS and often do not provide very good advice at that. Outside of Canada, there were a bunch of Shell guys who were extremely critical of a comapny I was with who hadn't had and accident in 34 years - a record that is better than an airline! You'd think they'd be able to figure out that the Company kind of knew what they were doing, wouldn't you? :)


And when the customer's "aviation representative" with whom he "consults" is someone who has had 50 hours on fast jets in the military you have a potential for even more nonsense.


Wasn't there somebody some time ago who tried to get everyone on the oil patch in some sort of uniform? Concentrating on trivia rather than the essentials! I rest my case.


End of rant!



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I am not sure how this thread went from FDT to consultants? But since it has, what is the solution to getting the oil companies requirements back to reality?


One thing seems pretty obvious to me is that this industry is very quickly running out of experienced pilots. Even more obvious and disturbing is that the AME shortage is very close to a crisis, not many guys want to do it. It is a thankless job from what I can see. There is a lot of grey hair out there in case some didn't notice!


I think the companies should be starting to find some solutions, quickly.........

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Yeah, sorry for the thread drift! But to find the solution to the problem you mention (and you are quite right BTW) the customers are going to have to start thinking for themselves and relaxing their requirements. Maybe listen to the helicopter companies directly? Nah, that can't happen....... :)



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