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Longline Lengths

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Here I am doing my annual tour in the north, and I am playing with a 70' longline. The same length that I came across last summer on drills, 70 feet. Up until then, I had never used less than a 100'. I prefer 130' to 150', and have used up to 230' for hundreds of hours.


We all know tree height and terrain is a consideration, but all that aside, here in the north, a 70 is fine.


What I don't understand is why use a line that is so short?

I see only negative reasons to use this length:


1. The down wash is terrible for whoever/whatever is below, (sh*t blow'in everywhere).

2. the site picture is so zoomed in that you can not see as much of the area around the site (astar window)

3. the hook hangs very far back in the window, and on windy days may not even be visible. (hurts my **** neck)

4. when doing real precision work, the helicopter has to be right on the mark because the drillers can not hand push a load much at all due to the lack of deflection in a short line. When the line is longer, it is easy to man-handle the load a few inches into place. when the driller pushes..it goes, thus giving the drillers the feel of a light load.


What are you other's using out there? I use this 70 because it is what we have and the guy before used it. I like to be able to fly any line any time so I discipline myself to use it, but I have decided I don't like this length. It's too short.


Just wondering your thoughts..is it just me? :blink:

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Not to mention the fact that in case of an emergency, the higher off the ground you are, the more time you have to make that split-second decision...


I've worked with 100' and 130', and I find the 130' is a little easier to see in the Astar VR window. If I'm slinging something narrow, I'll sometimes add a lanyard to the line to make it hang a little lower, and thus make it easier to see.


As in certain other things, longer is better ;)

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85ft for precision work! After that I just use what is nessary to safely complete job! Some down falls to a long line especially cable is coiling it up and packing in machine if jumping around job sites! Not to mention un tangling when not coiled properly. A long line is also more difficult to drag around mountains if there's weather in the area!

Like you say tho, tough to see when windy!

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I agree,with all your remarks. I don't like the 75 ft lines either, thought it was just me, but thats whats always on site when you get there. The hook is too far back in the window, I'm a bit on the short side,and find, I have to really twist my torso to get a good sight picture.Not comfortable at all.

I was doing some support work around camp in 25 knot winds, could hardly see the hook LOL. It was under the tail rotor LOL.

Also, moving just regular net loads of junk, plywood, fridges, deep freezes, tents, the rotor wash can really kick it around unpredictably too, at that short length.

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Totally agree with comments stating that 75' is too short. 125' with a hook that has some weight to it and a proper (large) floor window should be the norm for drilling with an A-star as far as I'm concerned..... Have been hating life with on this job with a 90' line and small little window. Proper tools to do a job properly I say!

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