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Geotech Aviation

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I'm curious.

Has heard anything about this new company based in Sudbury? I understand they have a lot of new equipment (350B3 dual hyds) a Koala and a new huge hangar at the Sudbury airport. I saw one of their machines on fires in Ontario this past summer, however I understand they only do "Bird Towing" work.

Are they a good outfit? Would you work for them? I haven't been able to find any info about them. Can anyone help??

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Geotech as a helicopter operator is relatively new. I think they got their OC somewhere around late 2009. The have been performing airborne geo-survey for many years using Gateway, Great Slave, Abitibi and Questral and many others to fly the equipment. Gateway was operating a few B3's that Geotech owned in the years before they got their OC. It seamed like the natural progression for them to go from owning in to operating. Now they have 15 ish machines operating all over and that fancy new hangar. Also they aren't only doing the Geo-survey thing either. I passed by a few of their machines with fire numbers on them this summer. I have never worked for them directly, only as a sub contractor through Great Slave. I was on course with their new DOM and a few of the guys this spring. They look like a good group of people with nice equipment who aren't immune to growing pains just like everyone else.

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I have a few friends that work for Geo-tech. They have nothing but good things to say about them. I have not worked for them so cannot personally say that it is a great place to work. I do feel that you can't go by what others say what might be good for me might be bad for you. Best to give Geo Tech a call and get a feel for the company.

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