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How Low Do You Go?

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Skullcap ----- all understood and I agree. As far as fuel burn goes in various situations, I feel that it is a knowledge about YOUR particular a/c that you gain over the "getting-to-know-you" period. Part of that "period" for me starts with looking at the Journey to find out who flew the a/c for the last 100hrs and what it was doing work-wise. If I haven't flown that a/c or that type for some time, then certain names in certain Journeys will alert me to caution. Ditto for the type of work it was doing. I might have set in a certain type for 6-8000hrs, but I have to get to know that "girl" because no two a/c of the exact same type operate the same. Until I get that knowledge and "comfort zone", I'm very conservative in my actions. Just because two a/c are of the exact same type doesn't guarantee their fuel burn is the same. Once I get that "comfort zone", then the minute that seat belt goes "click, I'm 'one' with that a/c and you'll get and see the best I got to deliver.....but it is paramount to me at least, that I must get to KNOW THAT particular a/c first.


I understand fully where you're coming from, but I submit that a lot of the troubles we get into in that regard are a result of making "assumptions" because two a/c are instrumented the same, weight out the same, etc, etc. and therfore everything else is the same operationally. Those can be dangerous or embarassing "assumptions" sometimes.

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Min. 100 lbs Hughes500

start pump on @ 150lbs


I like to fill it to the bottom of the filler= about 300lbs, had one recently that was giving erratic readings on the gauge and when filling it I had to stop and wait for the level to go down, turned out the r/h fuel cell was collapsing or a vent was plugged or something, I'm glad I was filling it visually.

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Low fuel on a 500

Be very careful, I have seen when the light comes on there is only a few gallons

left. The fuel quanity system is of less quaility than your car.

I would never go below 100 lbs unless I can see my fuel cache



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Blackmac ------- I have no doubt whatsoever that should a bunch of females from your past, ever see your post and not understand what you were addressing, they would break out in fits of laughter and say something like "Oh ya.....surrrrrre. Just listen to him now". :lol::lol::lol:

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