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John Schultz... The Legend Moves On


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It surprises me that no-one here has posted the fact that John Schultz passed-on a couple of days ago.


No service, but a Schultz-bash is scheduled.


The date and venue for "the Celebration of the Life and Times of our Friend John Schultz" has been finalized:


Date: November 30th, 2012;

Time: 1400 hours to 2000 hours;

Location: The Newmarket Veterans Association (NVA)

406 Millard Street

Newmarket, Ontario


Come and join John and Donna's families and friends and many members of the helicopter fraternity and Celebrate the extraordinary life and times of a true character of the Canadian Helicopter industry, bring your stories of your time with John tall tales or otherwise.


Please send this message to all your friends that know John and would like to participate in the Celebration.


If you are unable to get to the Celebration please put your thoughts (stories) about John to paper and forward them to me I will do my best to get them to be read at the event


Hope to see you there.

THIS MESSAGE WAS SENT BY 'ALBATROSS' and reposted here on vertical.

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Wish I could make this one. There's away too many happening these days - Keith Knowles in Edmonton a few days back, then Wayne Johnson in Fort Saskatchewan, and now Schultzie down east.. These were all great friends and immeasurable assets to the industry. Let's hope the 'rule of threes' is still in effect.


Anyway, Godspeed to all three of them. They'll be sorely missed. There's enough 'war' stories among them to fill an encyclopaedia.

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