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New Flight And Duty Time Regulations

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Apparently someone is upset by our survey/petition. They filled out the survey, declined the petition and stated that they had many comments for every question but there wasn't room... Or something like that (the survey conductor, Julie, has passed this on to me)... The point of having a 3rd party conduct the survey is to protect the anonymity of people and the integrity of the data, which means neither myself, nor anyone else, can see the responses... Anyway, this person demanded they be called immediately or they stated they will call Martin Eley (Director General Civil Aviation)... I can only say this to that person:


I don't know who you are, nor can I call you as I have no access to the data, so I don't have your number. Please call Martin and tell him that helicopter pilots in Canada are NOT HAPPY with the working group report. We think it's BULLSHIT...


If you would like to call me I can be reached at (403) 585-7190



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Pretty sure that too many "Don't Know's" or "Niether Agree Nor Disagree's" would have the same effect as no petition/survey at all. If TC, CARAC and other members of the working group think that we can't form an opinion, then how could we expect to be allowed to participate in any meaningful discussions on how, or even if, we should amend the current regs?


Kevin McCormick

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I realize this is probably too late, but I just started into the survey. Should there not be a "Neither agree nor disagree" or "Neutral / Don't know" option for most of the scaled answers? Just my $0.02



Hmmmmmmm.... I'm thinking maybe that would have been not a bad idea... But you're also right that it's too late!!!


As of a few hours ago I was informed by Julie (our conductor) that about 130 pilots had signed the petition and 11 had not... So I think we're going strong!

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