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I Want To Buy A Longline

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Are you talking a synthetic line? Looking for types? etc?


What is your purpose? General longline work?


We use Barry Cordage 18003052673


They carry a selection of makes an sizes. We use a spectra (plaited) on a three year inspection/ recertification program. I believe they run about $600 a pop. The lines, yes, they get used everyday and no problems yet!

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We bought spectra lines through titan supplies here in B.C great lines nice and light, The only problem I had was the sheith? It wouldn't let you fly much over 60 mph but I cut that off and it now flies great I also have a little bit bigger (older style remote hook) I thought that without the cover the line might take a bit of a beating but it looks great I 've used it on plenty of fires and it looks great still hope this helped :up:

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Phil, I think the general opinion here is that Spectra is superior. If you can be religious about caring for the line (i.e. keep it out of ALL kinds of crap, carry it in a good protective bag when not in use, and generally treat it like your bride) you can live without the cover and it'll give you good life and treat you better than the alternatives (what you give is what you get). Most suppliers I know of back if up well, so shop your heart away! B)

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just a quick note on spectra lines, or similar types. the line is very heat-sensitive. if you arte hovering over a fire, or punt the end of the line near any kind of heat soursce, then be aware that the line will be quickly affected by that heat....it will looser up to 50% of its strenght while exposed to the heat. it seems that it recovers after it cools, but there might be permanent damage to the fibres. I've heard that some operators will use a 25' steel line on the lower end to preclude this issure. also the Spectra lines are prone to UV degradation.


just my 2 cents worth. any better or updated info appreciated.

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Thanks guys - we have an occasional use for one over this side of the water and I don't like the idea of using long strops (it's for sticking power poles into holes without guesswork). Since we don't have holes in the floors on our Astars, any idea where I can get a motorised mirror from?


cheers again



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Kevlar and Amsteel are like apples and oranges. I wouldn't lift a dead dog(or a lycoming engine) with kevlar. Kevlar is wonderful in bulletprof vests but is brittle and susceptable to uv and contamination damage. Amsteel blue is new name for spectra which in not susceptable to uv or contamination. Worse thing for Amsteel/spectra is dirt, it gets between fibres and wears it out, keep it clean, preferably cover it with a TIGHT fitting cover which keeps it clean and doesn't fly. Second worse thing for it as mentioned is heat, 165'F and starts to lose strength. Don't leave it laying around near the exhaust of your 500D or similar area.



Canam told me yesterday they are making an Amsteel Blue line now with integrated thimble/hook point, so you do not need additional clevis or ring on line. Haven't seen it but may be worth a look.


I have two lines one covered for bush work and the other has spiral wrap over it, for IA and such, 120' plus hook and swivel weigh 15 lbs and fit into sleeping bag stuff sack.



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