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Localizer Approach Lose Glideslope Before The Faf?


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Do you mean lose the Localizer or the Glide Slope because if I lost the Glide Slope on a Localizer approach I would do nothing because it is not required since they are step down non-precision approaches.


If I lost the Localizer and there was no other approach I could easly transition onto I would inform ATC and commence the Missed Approach chances are they would just give you a vector for another approach.





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If you are on a localizer approach and prior to reaching the FAF you lose the glidelope what do you do.


I just passed my INRAT prior to Christmas and would agree with Chopper76.


A localiser approach doesn't have a glideslope but an ILS, which uses the localiser and a glideslope, does.

They are however seperate so if on an ILS you lose the glideslope then you transfer to the localiser only which will have a higher MDH as opposed to the DH on the ILS.

Lose the localiser and you're doing a missed approach to another airfield or hold until they get it back online.


Hope this makes it clearer rather than just adding to the question...

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