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Bcfs Mins Average

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Steve, since when you became a moderator?

This is as good a place as any to gather information.

P.S. my manager says "hello"!

Totally agree with you, it is public information. I hope it's not true, OMNR has about the worst company and pilot friendly model of all the provinces.

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Wow .. Id like to know whats wrong with em .. Please explain.

Well if you read the whole thread it is about averaging mins. Have you worked in most of the provinces Helirico? If you answer yes to that question, it is fairly obvious. If not I would be happy to qualify my comment.


To be clear the managers and crews are great IMHO, the averaging system not so much.

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can't be that much worse than the 12 hour 3 day hire system the have now, Fly your B*g off for the first day and then get parked for 2 days!

Yes it can, try racking up a bunch of hours and then sitting for days till your mins are used up. OMNR just keeps extending your contract, theoretically never being able to exceed your mins.

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