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I want to do a new survey:


Who likes the sound of a diesel generator and finds it to be a soothing white noise that blanks out the sound of people snoring, sniffing and things of that nature?


"Like" this post to vote for generator noise in camp!


I'm being slightly facetious here because there are many variables even when it comes to generators but i would encourage pilots to go to the "Canadian Helicopter Pilots Association" website and read "An illustration of Life in Some Camps". Since when does the pilot handle all the responsibilities to preheat the aircraft on a bird towing job? I have towed bird in the arctic Islands and there is no way you'd be without your engineer. And why does it sound so arduous in the narrative to deal with the cold and the heaters and covers, etc? I love winter flying... maybe not forever (because I also love summer flying... and jungle flying... and desert flying) but the helicopter never runs or sounds better and performance is not an issue. And Fred, run some Tanis kits or buy some little buddies and you won't have to get up "several hours early" to get the machine ready.


Fred you say you've been flying for 40 years but I don't believe you. No one I know has ever heard of you. From your description of life in camp I am guessing you've never done that. What gives you the right to say how much time looking at the environment around you is enough? Keep your **** subjective opinion to yourself and stay out of our industry please. Day VFR holds no place for you. If you'd like to work IFR or any of the other sectors that have issues we know nothing about (night standby, sector limits, etc) then feel free. You don't want to be in my camp and I think you'd be a pain anyway. Many of us having been fighting for better accommodations for a long time. TC has no regulation that says a pilot gets a single occupancy room but many clients require that and we fight for it all the time. And we fight for it for engineers too. But that doesn't mean we suddenly get the pendulum going so hard over that it kills people on the way by.


Please post your resume so we can see from what position of knowledge you are approaching the various issues you raise!



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I agree with HV about you Fred. I don't think you have ever stayed in a camp or longlined in your life. The Canadian Helicopter Pilots Association you are affiliated with makes it obvious as you describe how crazy physically demanding longlining is. You want to restrict the amount of "sectors" flown in a day. Who is going to enforce this? I could imagine telling my clients, " sorry I have done 30 sectors today , I cannot pick you up from the bush until tomorrow." The Canadian Helicopter Association has no place in our industry as it is not trying to help the average pilot but for some reason wants to encourage restrictive regs in the name of "safety". We take pilot decision making course for a reason. I for one know when to shut down when exhausted or when to talk to operators about tour length. The bottom line is if you dont want to work 42 days you don't have to. Talk to your employers about tour length and if they don't listen, go work somewhere else. I would like to see your resume. In the mean time, disband your feeble attempt at creating an association for us pilots.

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I agree with redliner and freck, if you are going to conduct a survey you have to assure those taking it that the data is genuine, that is to say that the people taking it are actually pilots. When just shooting the breeze on a public forum it's fine to have anonymity but if you are going to carry the flag for all the Commercial Helicopter Pilots in Canada, we need to know who you are and what your experience is. The data you did collect is nicely put together with colorfull graphs but is it specifically applicable to the VFR helicopter sector and what about its integrity?


The way H_V did it is the ONLY way to go about this kind of thing, we know who he is and he hired a CREDIBLE THIRD PARTY to conduct the survey.



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