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It continually baffles me how anyone can believe that this industry is so horrible and stay in it. A number of years ago, I was told that to be happy, sometimes you have to decide to be.


People have different upbringings, some have different management backgrounds, It makes up the way we react and defines the way we think and communicate, how we look at safety, and what we put into our jobs.


I have worked with big and small companies. I believe that you can get an answer in a small company. Might not be the one you want, but at least you can have a conversation to change an owners mind. In a big one, you're trying to change a policy, and promises are often made that are overruled by upper management, and they upset personal plans. Mind you, I have heard a lot has changed and you can get a great rotation with the right skill set.


I don't believe for a second that there are a group of owners or managers wasting their time on this site perusing for the mention of an 'association or union'.



Those that do read and communicate on here are usually progressive thinkers. Those that aren't wouldn't waste their time reading what we have to say.


When I read a particularly aggressive or irrational post, I can read back a few topics to find that they get upset and freak out and on it goes. I was this way a few years back!


It's the sound of the generator that does it.


I haven't a bit of confidence in the information forwarded thus far in the 'Association', but I'm still reading.




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I think legislation is the only way. Most operators or forestry forestry folks will quote the regs... You can do 14 hrs and if you don't there will be somebody who will! Sure there are responsible ops mangers out there that will say ok well change you out after 2 weeks but they still want to keep forestry happy. What would happen if you went to the duty officer and said your starting to feel fatigued after 10-12 hrs.... It wouldn't be long before yur skidded from that fire . Assertive or not! Not welcome back!!!


The better way is to legislate it !!! People understand this and expect the max !



Actually I've been limiting myself to 12 hours on the line with SRD for years, regardless of what everyone else was doing. Admittedly as my time comes up I do advise them how much time they have left. I did have to fight a bit for it earlier but the last 2 years have been great...no questions whatsoever.

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