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As stated in another thread, I want to work for Helijet! I'm not working in the industry and want to put my time towards what I would need to qualify as a first officer at HJ.


To anyone working for them, what do I need to know? At what experience level can someone be assured a spot on the ground!?


Also what's more important to get out o the way first, ATPL exams or the IFR and night ratings?



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Here's what little I know... bear in mind that 1) I don't work for them, 2) I'm a lowtimer, and 3) I'm not really familiar with IFR stuff (so far).


About a year and a half ago ago I headed down to their hangar with a resume in hand just to introduce myself and find out what it takes to work for them. I had managed to chat a bit with the chief pilot beforehand, and when I was there I met with Karla, who was in charge of hiring the ground crew.


They do (or they did then) have a VFR side, but as I'm sure you know, most of their lowtimers are aspiring to work IFR. Ground crew did get hired without their IFR rating, however there was a sort of assumption that they would be getting their instrument rating prior to needing it for work. It sounded like most lowtimers spent at least a year or two on the ground before moving into the FO seat.


I asked about writing the exams and stuff and if it would help my chances of getting hired, and they told me that it's best to wait until you are working there and have some sort of timeline as to when you'll move up to flying - otherwise you may wind up having to re-certify your rating before you're actually flying.


I didn't pursue it further as I don't have the funds to get my IFR rating right now, plus the VFR work we have here in Canada appeals to me more (if I ever got hired by Helijet, I'd be more interested in flying VFR around the Queen Charlottes or wherever than in the big IFR machines, but that's just me).


Don't know if that helps or not. If I were you I'd head down to their YVR base with a resume and tell 'em exactly what you typed in the first line of your post.


Good luck, and keep us posted!



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Thank you all for the replies and insight!


What I'm taking from this is that I am better suited to get VFR flight time vs getting training and attempting to get on a ground position??? I will need to find employment as I am currently living in Vancouver.


If anyone is currently working the ramp at Helijet, any info is greatly appreciated via PM or post.

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