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Fog In R44 Longline Window

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2nd the shampoo. Any sort of clear (as in not milky) liquid soap will work wonders. Put a little on a rag or your fingers and just smear it all over the inside of the window until it looks clear. Don't wipe it off, your just trying to get a thin layer. Moisture will still form on the window, you'll just be able to see through it. Once it starts to get streaky just wipe it off and re-apply.


Also works wonders on bathroom mirrors - with a bit of clever marketing they could rename it 'anti fog liquid miracle gel' and charge 20 times as much.

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How the **** would you know about shampoo???????????????


Some people just "know" things.


Kinda like, if you set your cell phone on fire if you keep it in the freezer it will still work. Remember to leave the freezer door open a crack though so you can hear it ring.



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