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"you Have Poured Whiskey Into A Cowboy Boot And Then Dipped The Boot In A Glacier Fed Stream For Mix (Optional)"

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Could be worse; could've opened with "You have been inside a Turkish prison..."






And for the record, I 'got' the ad. :)



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I remember this posting for a pilot and thought it was very well written and a break from the norm! Chill out Seeker!

It would be far more logical to dip the boot first, then add whiskey.... that way you don't risk losing any whiskey.

Seeker.......   I can not believe how you take this add, You did not need to tell us of your superior position of Safety OFFICER as we all probably could have guessed it. It is Safety Officers j


Mr. Seeker, you are a tad too sanctimonious methinks! For one thing that "ad" listed about 20 items of experience and/or personality traits and you singled out the very last one that was clearly tongue-in-cheek and even said "optional". It was intended to be funny and clearly was found to be by most, considering I received over 50 people emailing me afterwards, unanimously (until now with you apparently) expressing their enjoyment of the humour.


Anyway, you are clearly targeting my posts for some reason so save us all some time and call me to tell me what it is you want:




Good reply .. But can i also call to tell you what i really whant ? lol ...i guess u allready know from my last e-mail but still no reply from ya..Drop me a line or to if u need more information i'll be glad to talk with you.

BTW the mountain course sheets we`,re awesome.. ;)

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I can not believe how you take this add, You did not need to tell us of your superior position of Safety OFFICER as we all probably could have guessed it. It is Safety Officers just like yourself that take all the enjoyment and productivity out of the workplace, If you can not see the fun and understand the "tongue in cheek" comment, you need to lighten up. However being Safety Officer, this is probably not an option for you.


Maybe you should go down to the store, get a cowboy boot because, hint hint, (actually using a an old cowboy boot would be gross), and go and get somebody to bootleg some Whiskey for you, (as you would not dare been seen as the Safety Officer drinking and actually having some fun)...poor it in the boot and Drink it! it might help your social problems.


Why don't we talk about whatever oil company you work for and why you demand us to fly around in a twin engine helicopter that won't even fly on one engine! do the quick math on that and realize that you double your chance of engine failure!

Pfff! Most Saftey Officers, couldn't safley find their way out of a wet paper bag.


It's joke!!!, always ptch'in, somebody not catch'in

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This is the offending ad. Well if you can't see the humor...

Posted 17 October 2012 - 01:32 PM

You have a commercial helicopter licence....
You have at least 100 hrs...
You speak English fluently...
You can work legally in Canada at the current time...
You are mobile to the point you never like to go back to the same place twice...
You are young at heart but smart enough to know what not to do....
You love weather extremes including +40 and -40...
You can live in a tent...
You can relocate...
You are not a sissy...
You see challenges where others see insurmountable problems...
You like to provide solutions to those challenges...
You like to go outside and shovel snow instead of staying inside and whining about it...
You go to sleep thinking about flying and wake up thinking about flying...
You sacrificed a lot in order to get your licence...
You won't let anyone or anything stand in the way of your goal of being a pilot...
You won't step on anyone else to get ahead...
You believe in a meritocracy where effort in becomes reward out...
You have above average computer skills...
You like to propose solutions to problems others don't even recognize as being problems...
You roll with the punches when plans are fluid and it seems everything is in flux...
You are mechanically inclined...
You are so unafraid of being dirty and covered in oil and jet fuel that others think you're Russian...
You won't be torn in two directions by trying to get going in the helicopter industry but having someone at home wanting you there...
You have poured whiskey into a cowboy boot and then dipped the boot in a glacier fed stream for mix (optional)...
You are ready to PM me...

PM away...
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It would be far more logical to dip the boot first, then add whiskey.... that way you don't risk losing any whiskey.


Ever since I posted originally on this topic I have been living in fear that someone would notice that! Of course you dip the empty boot in the stream, pour out any excess and then add whiskey to taste!


Perhaps Seeker could produce an SOP that would pass OGP scrutiny for this process?



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And for the record, I HAVE dipped a cowboy boot in a glacier fed river (the Exstew, between Terrace and Prince Rupert) to provide mix for the whisky... May 1990... Seems like yesterday!





So there were no cups or mugs available in Camp? You were camping on the river? Or were you just stopping for snort between fuel cycles? In any regard you elected to take off a toe jam smelly boot add a shot of wiskey and drank it from the boot! Thats pretty gross dude! But different strokes for different folks I guess! **** its free country everyone is entitled to do strange things.




Ok fill yur boots!!!

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Guest DopeOnARope

I find it funny that offence was taken by that add when the following add was also posted.


An opportunity currently exists within our company for a highly skilled, highly motivated 100 hour pilot.


You must:

Be willing to relocate B

e willing to work for very little pay

Be willing to work long hours

Be clean, tidy, friendly and approachable


Duties will include, but will not be limited to:


Shovelling Sweeping Mopping Cleaning Pumping fuel Greeting customers Loading customers Briefing customers


Preference will be given to Journeyman Carpenters, Plumbers, Mechanics, Electricians etc.

Send resumes to Jeff: operations@kvheli.com


No phone calls please. Or for better results, stop by our hangar at the Nelson BC airport and pick up a broom, mop, shovel or toilet brush.

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