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On the topic of EI training. I was lucky enough to get a mountain course paid for by government while on EI. I had to convince them that it was the one obstacle that was keeping me from getting work. I had around 1500 hours at the time and it was right after the lull of 2008. The government at the time was throwing money at training and calling it stimulus spending. My "career strategist" was reluctant to even send in my application but I pressed on and eventually got it approved. A month later I had a mountain course and a job.

Nowadays the employment programs in BC are vastly different, you are lucky if you can get them to cover a first aid course. I know this because my significant other worked in the industry until very recently. She left the industry because in its current state she felt she was no longer able to help anyone.

Is it fair...no. Should the cost of a course required by the same government been shouldered by myself or an employer.. I don't know. Just wanted to save anyone the headache of beating their heads against the wall trying to get funding for programs the government just won't support anymore. I guess we'll have to see how the newly promised federal training program works out.

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