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Notice: Effective July 1, 2024, Vertical Forums will be officially shut down. As a result, all forum activity will be permanently removed. We understand that this news may come as a disappointment, but we would like to thank everyone for being a part of our community for so many years.

If you are interested in taking over this Forum, please contact us prior to July 1.

Posting False Information

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I just removed a post in regards to the closing down of an operator. This is false! Unless you know for certain that a company has closed its doors, do not make any posts of any kind about the company. This is misleading information, and goes against our forum rules of conduct. Should the said operator want the identity of the person spreading the misinformation, we will be obliged to provide it to them. So, it is in everyone's best interest to refrain from spreading misinformation here on the forums.


Please feel free to contact me directly should anyone require further information regarding our rules of conduct.


Thank you.


Mike Reyno mike@verticalmag.com


Vertical Magazine

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DEAR Mike,


Are you on Crack?? Can you not read? The first line is TRUE OR FALSE?


That opening sentance makes IT A QUESTION!


There is no spreading any informtion, it was a post SEEKING TRUTH?


I did not stae that they did close thier doors, was asking if it happened?





Go ahead and tell them anything you want, I don't care, this is rediculas

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Why don't you go waste your time shutting down the "Meduim Crash!" post ???


Seeing as it was not true what so ever?



I bet you are shutting this down because the said operator.."Dare I use thier name" pays for adds with you, and you had yo do somthing about it.....all about the $$$ eh?

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Hi Mike, Totally agree!! No misinformation! In keeping with and I quote: " So, it is in everyone's best interest to refrain from spreading misinformation here on the forums"


Would you be so kind as to remove any inference or associated language or posts that suggests that HAC has any involvement or concern with representation or the best interests as far as individual pilots are concerned, and is instead a mechanism for the owners and operators.





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Sirlandsalot nailed it ($$$$) The primary purpose of this site is to sell advertising not to provide a service to line pilots and engineers. Any media, be it magazines, TV, radio or web based sells advertising, that is the life blood of that industry (media). The Forum is just one way to get us to view that advertising and when you say something that can be taken in a negative way by an advertiser, they promptly contact the site owner and put pressure on him to put a stop to it (or he does it on his own to nip it in the bud, so to speak). It's simple economics...


Remember, you can say what ever you want if you have enough money, or at least more money than the other guy. The law has never been about what's actually right or lawful, it's about posturing, intimidation and having the ability to outspend your opponent.


Have a nice, safe, non-offending, non-libelous day.







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