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Chc Safety Summit....

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Guest bag swinnger



I was just wondering why an American company that is mostly IFR would hold a safety summit for VFR guys in Canada


Think of it more as an opportunity for people/companies to come together and be introduced to and discuss new or well proven ideas in professionalism and safety. It aplies to many fields including modern medicine, Oil and Gas, not just VFR/IFR flying. The attendees (over 800) were from all over the world not just Canada. The speakers are some of the greatest minds in aviation safety. The head office for CHC is in Vancouver so it makes economical sense for them to hold the summit there, I mean hey, it's their show.


It would be hard to explain the value of the summit to someone that has not been as one comes away completely overwhelmed with information. Before I went I would not have been able to justify the $1100.00 price tag, now that I have been I can see the value being much more than the ticket price. It really is a big deal. Especially if you are someone like myself that has traditionally disliked our modern safety culture as applied to the VFR world. It has appeared (to myself anyway) that safety is constantly choking the life out of the industry. What a breath of fresh air it was to sit and listen to the likes of Scott Shappell and Dr. Tony kern discuss better options in human performance and how safety should be seen, as a higher level of professionalism. To my knowledge there isn't anything else like it on the planet. Even some of the airlines were there taking notes as apparently there isn't anything quite like it for them either.

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