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Nasa: 2005 Could Be Warmest Year Recorded


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As far as being "environmentally responsible citizens", I personally believe that no matter how many laws the gov't passes, unless people freely change their ways, things won't change. We can all do loads of small things to be more "environmentally friendly", and people will more readily accept to do these things if they're not shoved down their throats.


A couple years ago, the city of Montreal instituted a campaign whereby they banned small white plastic grocery bags for curbside garbage disposal. They had inspectors going through people's trash to find receipts with names and addresses so they could fine them (first offense was about fifty bucks, if memory serves).


This got people so pissed off, even more people started putting out the trash in small white plastic grocery bags just to protest ! The city finally backed down and decided to educate the public on the reasons why they didn't want people to put out the trash in small white plastic grocery bags. Guess what ? You hardly see anyone do it anymore...


I think it's pointless to drone on about how people should do more to help the environment and so on and so on... I think ideas like the 1 ton challenge are more appropriate, and respected (by Canadians at least ;) ) comics like Rick Mercer lending their talents to the cause can't hurt.


I don't consider myself a tree-hugging beetnick, but I admit, I recycle, I return my cans and bottles, I don't pour used engine oil down the sewer (nor drained a/c fuel) and I do take public transit whenever practical...



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BTW, it's "mindless drivel."

Thanks for the grammar lesson TQN! B)


And yes I was partly talking about you, and anyone else as smart as you obviously are, that can hold a half decent discussion about other subjects other than women, sports, beer and helicopters.

Looking forward to another one!!! :up:

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I knew you meant me. I felt the bullet. So serious all the time, jetbox. But do you ever cut loose? I have to because it keeps me from going insane. You're a great debater; I'll give you that. Would LOVE to see you step out of your comfort zone a little. I'll make you a deal: I'll try to be serious more often if you try to make me laugh more often. Got it in you? :)

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Looking forward to another one!!! :up:


When I get back home, I'll look forward to another great debate. Already kicked around war, politics, hidden agendas, (even mercenaries). You think of something new, start the thread; I'll meet you there. :) My apologies for the temporary hijacking.


This thread officially back to IMPENDING FIRE SEASON

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