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The part I find interesting with the "E" is the charts that some companies have displayed on there websites, Where did they come from? Whats Bell's take on them? What do they mean? How well will they stand up in court?


Personally I like asking the crew on the 212"E" what makes it a "E"?? Cant seem to get a definitive answer....



Just a guess "E" = Enhanced Bull$h!t ????


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There are charts now for the BLR kit... There didn't used to be but they have a fully delineated envelope now.

I talked today to a product support person at BLR. She indicated to me that for the 212 the premiss is that TC recognizes their FAA STC. At this time there is only approved published performance charts for HOGE...no WAT increases or HIGE (which would be WAT limit anyway) Seems the 212HP with applicable T/R ....giving you the increased WAT limits...would be the best 212 combo for the buck from a clients perspective. All leagal beagal and certifiable on manufacturers charts.

I still havent figured what a 212E is and how it needs to be configured to be designated as such.

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I've been flying one of the 2 newly re-built 212's with DF's, Fast Fin, and BLR that Era Helicopters had delivered in June, from Eagle. They are great machines but I haven't noticed any particular extra lifting capability. They do both have single-engine flyaway capability at fairly heavy weights/altitudes though. That is a huge plus for me, deep in the HV Curve.

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