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Bell 205 Falling Off Jack's

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As many of you have posted, talking about this incident could go two ways, we could laugh and gloat about it and take joy in anothers misfortune or we can learn from it to make our lives safer. One of the things i do miss about Transport Canada is the Vortex "magazine" that was mailed to all helicopter pilots years ago where there was an accident synopsis and many interesting articles about safety.
Nowadays i like to look at all the helicopter clips on the internet/YouTube, be they crashes or just "risky" flying and analyze them and give thought to how they happened or are conducted in order to keep myself on a safe path.
I think it's good to bring these things up if they are talked about in a constructive way
As the the old slogan of the Vortex magazine said: "Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make them all yourself".
Fly/work safe,


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I think just spreading the word that it did happen (as opposed to the details) is a good thing. It could happen to any of us.


We should all be aware when these things happen because it will make you slow down and think about what you are doing (absolutely not insinuating the people involved weren't) , instead of thinking "no big deal, last time I heard of a machine falling of jacks was in the 80's".


It is when people jump on these things and criticize ("I would never of done that" or "why didn't they do this") we lose the great benefit of learning about what happened and maybe make changes to prevent the same from happening to us.


Isn't the famous quote "to err, is human" ?

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Who cares?


Is there something to be gained by spreading information like that? Is it in the interest of making the industry safer, learning from others mistakes, learning better maintenance practices, or just airing dirty laundry??????


Obviously you've got something against an operator who sounds like they had a bad day, which seems to make your day better.....


I shake my head at the uselessness of some of these posts on here.......


PS: More breaking news: Did you hear Ernie dropped his lunchbox in the coffee room this morning????


And I shake mine at the uselessness of posts like yours.


If you're so obtuse as to think there's no value in alerting people to significant incidents I'm sorry for the people you live and work with. The post pointed no fingers, ridiculed no-one and, just possibly, could have engendered that critical soupcon of caution in someone just in time to avoid a repeat, rather than wait until official or 'Whisky Creek-sanctioned' notification was published.


PLEASE....shake your head!

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Well said Grasshopper. In my first reply (post 2) I was in NBR2 when I watched a 204 fall off the jacks when they were doing a cross tube bend inspection and the helicopter was only high enough to clear the ground. But there was still the possibility of personal injury if somebody was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Luckily the only damage was one of the jacks put a hole in the belly. It could have got a lot worse if there was somebody's foot under a skid tube. SHITE HAPPENS BE CAREFUL

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