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206 C20J Rotor Droop


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After returning with some parts from HK we needed, the engine driven fuel pump has fixed the problem. It is nice to be done with the problem. Thank you for all your help.


Skully, your commodor 64, or 5, or whatever number we're on here *(Ricky TPB), was the solution to the problem. Supply and Command.


Now for the next one... at least our spares are sufficient to face the same troubleshooting now.


I didn't understand about the relationship from a high auto rev to an N1 limit, I was confused by that, please excuse the joke :)


Thanks again, long week! I owe some beers for certain.


(the Max speed stop is set at overhaul but for the FCU troubleshooting manual, it gives instructions that are not prohibited to set N1)

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If there's anything I sounded unclear or dim on, I was!


This forum really helped us a lot.


Also, the aircraft had a single element pump, and was likely fed poor fuel for a long time. We haven't done a power check yet but hoping to do so as soon as we can fly to a real altitude.


My sincere thanks..

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FYI....most governors....thats is... all governors are hooked up to a droop compensator....if it is not rigged properly it won't matter what the governor is like....even if it is rigged properly if it is worn out,has slop in it,the governor will not work properly...

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We fought with that too. And with the manuals from Bell. They don't translate them to Chinese. You would think they would, as it is a pretty big market.


Almost everything on the 206, that I have ever seen at Canadian, and other places, they are all old dogs. Worn out, and the linear actuator's all have play, do you agree? It's hard for me to tell when it is worn out or when it's not. I don't fly or trouble shoot enough on it to know the difference.

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