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Where Are All The Job Seekers?

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We had a good rap over coffee this morning - about what pilots are looking for these days. It used to be that a good base job was an absolute premium. Have things changed so much? We've been advertising for a Base Manager for Athabasca, AB (an hour from Edmonton) for awhile now, and have had very few pilots with the requisite experience reply. :(


We're honestly curious, and would really appreciate any reasoned perspectives about this. Are base jobs just not as attractive any more? Is 'the pool' perceived to offer greater benefits? What do you think, folks? :huh:

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It's not your company, from my perspective it's one of the best out there.


I have only ever tried being a base pilot once and it didn't seem to work out. The company had a pool system in place too and I always seemed to be away on short tours and then on call when at home, the worst of both worlds.


It's also hard to uproot to try a job that might not work out as well. Although for a small Alberta town, Athabasca is pretty nice. I worked there this last summer and I liked it.


It could be the pay aspect as well, I don't know if it's even possible to make as much money on a base job as it would be doing pool work 12 months a year?


Maybe one of these years I will be sick enough of living out of a duffle bag, to look into a fine job opportunity such as that.


Just my two cents.

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Just a thought 'ol bean (and don't read anything into this either buddy :D ), but there also a large number of guys out there who would qualify nicely, but they don't wish to run away and hide from their Medium rides. Some sort of a sytem like 204 Driver has might somehow be able to be put into place. He sort of got his cake and eats it too.

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CAP 'ol boy, what are you talking about? 204B Driver is a filthy rich and handsome Pool type with a gazillion hours, who lives in a huge lakeside mansion in Kelowna.


Were you referring to me in your last post ( 407 Driver) who is a poor lowly under-paid under-fed under-IQ'd Base puke, who is lucky enough to drive a medium off the Base ??? ( and happily heading off to work this Saturday AM to make beautiful 212 type noises). Oh, I'm flying Sunday too !


I agree with Beltdrive, why would anyone want to go and run a Base, all it means is that you have to work every day, for a lot less coin than the Pool guys get. Most management types do not know or appreciate the effort that goes into running a successful Base.

Most management types only look a the bottom dollar, and the Pool wins every time, they have no base costs, plus only go out on good rate, good hour jobs.


Face it Managers...you are not going to fill Base job openings or keep Base people unless you pay them a wage that is more in line with what they could make in the Pool.

And How about sending a Pool pilot or Engineer through to give the remote Base guys a few weeks of R & R a couple of times a year. That will give them a REAL break, 'cause that phone just keeps on ringing, day, night, weekends, holidays, ....


After all that ranting, I remember the real reason I still do this job after 24 years, I don't do flatland :up:

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Maybe operators need to get innovative...


For instance if you had two very qualified people who ran the base tag team on a 2 week on 2 week off rotation, no one would get burnt out. The only problem being cost effieciency, it would have to be a very lucrative base to afford that. Plus it would have to be the right people.


However lots of bases do have 2 pilot's, who end up sitting around half the time, why not have 2 base managers rotating then kick extra guys and equipment to them when they need more.


It's Just a silly idea... We did this with operations dispatchers, at a very busy company I was with in the past. They were on call like 20 hours a day so they did a week on week off rotation and no one burnt out.

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407 that came straight from the heart.... how u bust ur butt to get the local seismic job then head office send u a driver who piss the customer off within 3 days.... or how about u get them 2 longterm contracts and the don`t send u a driver for 2 weeks and the phone is off the hook where the Helicopter is... or u have 3 helicopter on ur base and no engineer...........any more????

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there was some talk in my neighbourhood of a 4 on four off rotation, but agreed the right people have to be in place...


Personally i think the contract guy has it a little easier on the home front, it might be easier to keep the other half happier (relatively) when she stays where she is happy, rather that uprooting her and kids too...just a thought


I think mine is just happy to see me go... :blink:


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407 Driver ------ being on a Base or being a Base Manager isn't something that everybody wants and many, many are not "cut-out for", even if they do want the position. As they say in the Army, good Drill Sgts aren't made........they're born and ditto for good Base Managers. The attributes needed to be a good Base Manager run a lot deeper than being able to answer a phone, shuffle some paperwork and fly an a/c. If someone is using money as the only reason to take a Base job, then they are being driven by the wrong engine. Many take a Base Managers position only as a "rest stop" for awhile and then pick'er up and go again. You are one and I've been one and we both know that it takes a certain kind of personality to be a good Base Manager and being a great pilot isn't necessarily the strongest attribute needed. The complaint I've heard often over the decades is that when you take a position as a Base Manager, you basically put yourself into "suspended animation" as far as promotion within managerial ranks is concerned and likewise as far as movement into check-outs on new equipment. Gradually over time, your peer group moves onwards and upwards and you get left behind. There have been many Base Managers who have come off Base after 10 years and to almost start all over again and play catch-up within the industry.


I have other opinions on the pay system within the industry for Base Managers, but it's been my hard-learned experience that I rub a lot of the industry the wrong way with those opinions, so it's best I don't "go there".


Lastly, we know each other too well, I know the company you work for too well and the personalities that you work for too well, for you to try and tell me about how poorly paid you are. You may not be making what the pool guys are within your company, but there are other pool guys within the industry who would gladly change paycheques with you. You just happen to work for one of the better companies, but there are an awful lot that aren't.......and I KNOW that you can think of at least ONE. ;):lol::lol: You watch your *** too while you're on that "sabbatical". :)

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Just a thought, but what about using an engeneer as a base manager. Unsure, but depending on the situation it could be better utilization of resources. It just makes sense to me to have a guy who is available, taking care of things. It's pretty tough to take care of a customers when you have a busy day flying then come back to base to a cell phone and land line full of messages. Gotta love thoes messages "yeah we need a machine first thing in the morning, gimme a call asap". Especially when the message was left at 10 am and you get it at 9 pm after you land. At least an engeneer can answer the phone while he's working and give the customer timely service.


Just My $0.02.



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