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Where Are All The Job Seekers?

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:up: Thanks 407 Driver for your kind thoughts. I do have to tell you now that I have flown the 407 and am about to head out on Thursday to go Skiiing with a new 407 it is a ball flying. Too bad that I am not 30 years younger to have more fun. Heheheheheheheh If I get Golden I will stop in and say hi. Fly safe buddy.

Ken :D

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Some more food for thought: I fly the same machine most of the time, I don't have to wory about how much work I'm going to have next year ('cause I go and find the work), I'm in charge, the head office doesn't look over my shoulder, etc, etc.


Being a BM is for sure suited to a certain personality type and it is a challenge but it's nice being able to have a say in how things are run and to do something besides drive the machine.

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I enjoy the extra responsibilities of being a base manager and I've never thought of my job as a hassle. Like I said this job is not for everyone, I for one couldn't stand sitting at home wondering if the people in charge were doing all they could to find jobs for me to do. As a BM I get to find, bid on and perform the work. Keeps me happy 'cause I'm flying and keeps the boss happy 'cause I'm not bugging the **** out of him wondering where I'm going next. :D

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Holy Craap, 204B Driver is steering a 407 around :blink::blink: What's the world coming to? :D Is that on the Nelson Contract? If you need any 407 type info, give me a call....


CM, Goldie isn't interested, he has a town further north and much smaller, a resort destination in the northern Rockies, with lots of beachfront property...actually 100's of miles of beach ... all the way to Ft Ware ! !

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Ah yes, Ft. Ware... what can I say... rustic living at its best! Spent a night in the back of my 206 on the runway in Ware 'cause some of the locals were a little too curious about whether or not they could fly it if I just showed them how to start it.


The bottom line is that I enjoy being a BM and I would enjoy it wherever I was working, Mackenzie, Athabaska, any of the Ft. St. places... you get out of life what you put into it. B)


CM, if I didn't already work for the outfit looking for a BM in Athabaska, I'd be on the horn to Mr. downwash looking for the job. :D

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