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Pilot Associations, Collective Agreements And Bargaining Agents

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I love reading through the forums from time to time it makes my day :)


Here's my 2 cents:


I don't know why we think that we should be treated unlike any other employee because we're Helicopter Pilots?

  • The fact is you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
  • If you don't do it someone else will to get ahead of you.
  • Why would a company pay you $10 when the next guy will work for $9 (plus above).

Here in N America (I'm from the UK originally and it took 5 years to get my Visa and Permanent residency for Canada) Pilots RW & FW are SERIOUSLY UNDERVALUED!

I have lost count of the times when I was the lowest paid person in a camp doing one of (if not) the most dangerous jobs.

Been told to 'man up' when I have asked why...(overweight, under minimas, over hours, etc)

When a truck (semi) driver can make $100k a year and cannot go over his minimal hours and I was expected to do 14hr days for 42 straight where is the comparison?


We are our own worst enemies - we complain about pay and conditions and then the majority then go back next season and do it all again...

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