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Attitude + Work Ethic = Progress?

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Beware most of those that have been the managerial darlings when their managerial protectors leave them behind and move on. That is when the parasites feel most vulnerable and will attempt to steer all attention away from their own incompetence and point out every mistake of other employees. You can only hope the new managers will see through the facade.

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One thing I would like to add, that I don't think has really been mentioned yet, is the amount of work an Operator has to put in to get a new pilot up and running. In most companies that I am familiar

I don't know about this staying in the middle of the herd stuff. If there a job to do, do it. If you make others look bad and you are treated like crap for it because you are working harder than them,

Loyalty is what seems to be lacking the most in this industry. I believe those that spend all their time chasing money become known for it. Why hire/ rehire/ blah blah the same people over and ver, du

As long as you can keep a "Low profile" attitude you should be allright .. Don't take any space ,let it take you ..


And if you spot a Rat, do what ever it takes to avoid it .. Give it some time , the chance to hit him in the balls will eventually show up ..


Don't be a "RAT" yourself and remember, there is some very good poeple existing out there , it just take time to built trust ..


Best of luck ! ;)

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I almost hate to add to this negativity-fest, but what the he11.


1. Advice I have given before: Know your job, and do it well. Do not spend every day trying to do the next job in your career plan. It will come if today's job gets done well.


If you are a 100-hr pilot waiting to fly, don't tell everyone every day how bad you want to fly. They know. Just do your work well.


2. Best advice I've received but seem unable to ever follow myself:


Head down, a$$ up, graze in the middle of the herd!


Good luck

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One thing to keep in mind, it also takes time. Do not expect to put in a year or two and get the world handed to you. It may take 5 years of dedication before there is real recognition. Remember lots of pilots have been with there employers for many many years.

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