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Attitude + Work Ethic = Progress?

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Loyalty is what seems to be lacking the most in this industry. I believe those that spend all their time chasing money become known for it. Why hire/ rehire/ blah blah the same people over and ver, dump training time into them, and watch them cut and run every time there s a bump in the road. I'm not saying you need to find happiness in slavery either. I've been a loyal employee and as such my boss has been loyal to me. If he wasn't I'd be long down the road. Remember just because the grass is green on the other side doesn't mean it won't still need mowing and a solid business relationship is better than a quick buck. Try to find a boss you can be honest with without fear of reprisal. These people are out there and employees will follow these individuals even if they leave a company. I've seen a lot of entitlement from younger folk feeling that they deserve automatic respect and the old timers somehow need to earn it from them. Be a good person and a good worker and you'll get it, but not a second before. Expect nothing you don't work for.

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I have never been a fan of anyone who goes to the boss in the middle of a busy season and asks for more money and threatens to leave if he/she doesn't get it. I am presently working for a company i am very happy with, the pay is great, they treat me with respect and i in turn go the extra mile for them (no plans to leave!).


I guess then the question can be asked, "Why do people quit?" What are the reasons there is so much staff turn over in the industry? Why are there certain companies that have a reputation and find it difficult to get employees, those guys who routinely fill their ranks with foreign hires. Ok, maybe kind of rhetorical questions...


My reasons in the past for looking for greener pastures have been pay, workplace politics, pay, bad management, poor rotations, pay, working with/for drunks, a workplace that lacks professionalism, pay, and cowardly backstabbing passive-aggressive co-workers. Who's tired of having the job with the highest risk/responsibility and getting paid the least of anyone on the site/project?



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Well said KnuckleDragger! Pay, good rotations, steady work, and mutual respect have kept me loyal long term with my employer. I think of the saying "Happiness isn't having what you want, but wanting what you have." The industry is not as harsh as some here make it out to be. Keep your head down and mouth shut and let your work speak for itself. If you still don't get respect, move on, there's better out there.

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I don't know about this staying in the middle of the herd stuff. If there a job to do, do it. If you make others look bad and you are treated like crap for it because you are working harder than them, move on. There are really good employers out there that will give you the recognition you deserve. You may not get flying right away but they will throw you a bone whenever the can. Lead the pack. We have enough lazy hacks that don't do enough. We should strive to raise the bar and make every flight better than the one before(or perhaps the hangar floor cleaner than it was yesterday)



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