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Helicopter Pilot & Life Insurance

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I'm 42 non smoker and spend 90% of my time at the end of a longline. Been in the industry for 20yrs. I have 2 young kids and a wife who depend upon me. I have been searching for years to find something affordable. Finally found an underwriter who was able to give me 1.5 million term insurance till I am 65 for about $150 a month no conditions. Was told the bank mortgage insurance isn't worth the paper its written on as they will find every out they can to not pay. Usually that means some type of pilot error as 99% of the time lawyers can find something we did wrong in an emergency situation. Any way if your interested Pm me and I'll share the underwriters contact. He's a good guy and understands our situation.

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Has anyone else dealt with Bob at the Pelican group?

He passed me over to his son after the initial setup of my plan. (140/month for 750k) It has since been 14 months and nothing signed! I keep getting excuses that it is stuck in red tap with the underwriters. The latest update is that they have now switched companies.

Being a healthy/ non smoking 36 year old with no accident history what's the hold up? 


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