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Fungi In Fuel Tank


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Hello folks!


I finished a tour and came back to my residence city and there is an interesting problem of fungi in the fuel tank of a recently purchased 206. I went an did a DI all over it and after the failure of the last single element pump (these machines both came from Malaysia) checked the fuel tank and viola.


I left a motorcycle for 8 months and the tank had to be refinished but this is a 206.


The float was gunky looking, the walls in three areas had fungi growing up from the base.


Used steam and removed pumps, etc, and cleaned it up. It's interesting though.


Is there an additive anyone is familiar with? Experience of this kind?

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Yes there is an additive, I can't recal the name of it. I will try to contact a guy to find out for you. We see this problem lots in the humid jungle. Now, when we leave the machines parked we fill them full and have not had a problem since. You can also try contacting Abitibi Helicopters, I know they have seen this problem in the US as well, might be faster results for you.

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