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I may not be adept enough to be of those who this topic is for, but I really hope there are some who have some interest in sharing technology and software.


How can a person swap a nice little Garmin track trip onto Google Earth? If you know how to do this PLEASE POST. Why do we have to use Mapsource? Is this non-negotiable? Possible? I don't know how.


And about another 1000 questions.


Why don't (didn't? maybe they do now) flight schools teach us about avionics?


I have learned enough in 14 years that if there is another worthwhile career in aviation, it's bringing dinosaurs like me into the light. My first Solo (and thank you) I wasn't allowed to use a GPS. I didn't know how Really. I did have a whiz wheel and know how to compute true airspeed.


Recently I feel like I've been hit by a meteor when it comes to smart people who don't fly knowing more than I do.


I know I'm not that smart. But the helicopter is clean and if someone wants to get in to install something fancy mine is super shiny.


Sometimes there are like, 2, 3 responses and I read 4 thousand to try to learn something, and I think I do. Also I try not to piss anyone off but it's hopeless on this forum.


I hope there is some interest in sharing apps like Weight and Balance, OGE, Power Checks, and Digital Mapping knowledge. I will pay for all smart people's apps till I am expired.


I love the FADAC. Although, I keep the whiz wheel with me, because I'm still worried I'll be caught cheating.


Joel Reavie

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You don't have to use MapSource. You can use BaseCamp, which is free to download at Garmin. As for taking a track from a Garmin GPS and putting it on Google Earth, I'm just as dumb as you are, but I's also like to learn how to do it ! :P

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I went through this about a year ago but was trying to figure out how to change Google Earth KMZ files to a Google Earth KML files (KMZ is the "zip" file for Google Earth) and then convert that KML file to GDB (Garmin). If someone wants to dig up that old thread?... There was a lot of good information there. The program i use now for this is called GPSBabel and it is "Freeware".


Unfortunately Garmin has made their software propitiatory so if you use a Garmin device you have to use their software as far as i know. As for using Basecamp instead of Mapsource, i would say forget it! I purposely only have older non-touch screen Garmin devices: 296, 60CSx, and eTrex Legend CHx that still use Mapsource and have tired to use Basecamp but have found it to be a very rudimentary, bare bones program. You can still download Mapsource from the Garmin site last time i checked but it has been a while since there have been any up dates. I think if they ever abandoned Mapsource completely someone would hack it or write some code for a program to keep it going as freeware.


At work one of the survey crews use a Garmin Montana which if i remember is a touch screen and i can still save and edit their data on my Mapsource program.



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The best lesson I ever had was from a surveyor on a Seismic job during a 3 day storm, It was a great lesson in importing and exporting to a simple excel sheet. or using better software Garmin is pretty limited.



Find a survey company and listen for a few hours its easy ! Be careful you'll end up redoing all the company waypoint lists or planning some old ******** route, while the company knob slips in your spot.

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Thank you Whitestone :)


That was much nicer of you than I have been to you! Thanks again.


Mapsource, you are right, hasn't been updated in some time, however, if you don't have it, but want to get tracks from a Garmin to Google Earth, plus all your waypoints and routes, this works. I followed your notes to a headache and they have made a change.


Install it

Then download the MapSource update:

Install it.


Then click on the top menu bar Transfer, (OR THE ICON FOR RECEIVE), then receive from device. Tracks, waypoints, routes. Receiving maps won't work. You'll get an error bar if you use the 296.


After the tracks and points and routes are loaded into mapsource, if you are in a strange place you don't have maps for, you can click View on the menu bar, go to the bottom and select view in Google Earth.


Google Earth should open and overlay all your information on the map.


Then select file, save, and save to my places, save my places.


Then select view, go to the bottom and select *Make this my start location*. Close and reopen Google Earth before closing Mapsource.


IF Google opens up with all your tracks and points displayed you are able to sign in to Google Earth communities, or sign up if you want to, and share with an email or link or whatever.

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Oh, I guess you can't put links to software on here from another site. My bad. Garmin's site has the loader. It's free, or go to GPS review . net.


Omit spaces. They have some good advice there too.


You can post URLs using the Link button on the tool bar. The forums may filter URLs pointing directly to executable files or such. Not sure, haven't tried it myself...

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