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Wuff! Alberta Burning

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CBC news is reporting fire OC in foothills close to Nordeg Alberta. Fire bans in effect for most of Alberta.


Won't be out on fires this year due to seafaring adventures ,but want to wish everyone a safe, prudent and satisfying 2013 fire season.... It could be another 2006 dooozy...





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To the exception of Nordeg it isn't that bad...yet If it wasn't for the wind, things wouldn't take off like they have been. They are manned up to the hilt though just in case, double dispatch etc Had a fire just 8 miles out Whitecourt yesterday, in treed houses. With the 40 kt winds, it was a close one. But last week, a flare stack lit a fire that almost put itself out when it hit the snow line lol! No wind.


Love the man-up though...at a bomber base with kitchenette and BBQ! Salmon, shrimp, pork-chops, fresh salads! I think the next time I end up in High Level my excitement for my job will take a sudden turn for the worse LOL!


Fly safe everybody...Just because SRD is on pins and needles, it shouldn't change your priorities. Met some great guys already this year. Thanks

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