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Euro Crushes Bell

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Regardless of the name of the manufacturer, it was still some pretty good flying.


However, we should note that a Bell 212 will outperform a B3 if the aircraft is 2000 feet above the ocean, 50 miles from shore, with one engine inoperative.


Would you laugh at a North Sea oil rig pilot just because he can't longline at 25,000 feet. Of course not.

My point is, just like pilots, each aircraft prefers different types of work.


Get over it. Give credit were it is due, and don't boast about success.

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A little over dramatic but I agree with the overall point of your post. The "Get over it" is a little much. This is aviation history, not just some random accomplishment. Someone's life was saved and in the course of it a new world record was set. Sounds all right to me.

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Impressive accomplishment by an excellent aircraft not to mention the skill required by the pilot. Eurocopter and bell both have positive and negative points, that's why jobs specifications ask for specific aircraft. Performance is not usually a factor when comparing a twin engine medium to a single engine intermediate. They all have their place in the industry as do we as pilots. If I want to fly a specific type, which I do, I will choose my employer accordingly. I'm sure we all have our preferences.


The 214 is a very good performer at altitude thanks to the massive compressor and 33" wide blades. I'm sure if a 214 was present rather than a B3 it could have carried out the rescue although it would have burnt far more fuel (1000lbs per hour or 660L) I believe if bell ever discontinues manufacturing the fuel lines to the engine a garden hose would do the trick!!


Safe flying to all,



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