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Prices Medical

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Don't you worry Beltdrive, I spend plenty of time pounding the pavement (2 roadtrips done to date). Thing is, I'm still working in my soon to be former career (IT), so I spend about 10 hours a day in front of my PC. Seeing as I'm not as motivated to doing the IT thing anymore, I spend quite a bit of time surfing the net, browsing, anything related to helicopters. Yup ! I'm just a slacker right now... :up:


My "official" retirement date from IT is March 24th. On the 26th, I leave for LA to do my FAA conversion and build time on a 206. After that, I head up to BC on the "mother of all roadtrips" and I ain't stoppin' 'til I've got a job...

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:hide: :( It is a bummer getting old. I just found out that my Doctor retired and his replacement is a 30 year old lady doctor. I can't wait to go in to see her in April sorry you all can't have my luck. When you get to be my age it really don't matter who gives you a medical and all of you are right about priceing us out of flying. Heheheheheehe

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but whats happening on the 25th? a day wasted isn't going to help you. Pack a pair of fresh gaunch and hit the road. All the other low times now have a starting point, they all may be a day ahead of you now.... 


The 25th (good Friday fer you religeous folks) is a big family dinner. I leave the next morning at first light. My training starts April 4th in LA, so that gives me about ten days to make the trekk. I figure about 50 hours if driving time, spread over 4-5 days gives me plenty of slack time should my Westfailure...I mean Westfalia, have any snags... :up:


I may be changing careers, but my family still means somthing to me. Besides, I wouldn't want to get disowned or anything... :shock:



Anyways, aren't we a little :off:

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Careful 407, raise the blood pressure too much and he'll fail the medical.....



80 cash :blink: from my guy in Toronto.


and don't even get me started on the TC charge to "process" the thing.


Being a youngin' the EKG (or ECG, or PHD, or THC or whatever ya call it) was once and then forgotten, but I belive it was $35, and another 50 i think for the audiogram.

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