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Airworthiness Directive: Bell 407


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Read this in Helicopters Monthly


February 14, 2005


Airworthiness Directives; Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Model 407 Helicopters


HM Staff


This amendment adopts a new airworthiness directive (AD) for Bell Helicopter Textron Canada (Bell) Model 407 helicopters that requires creating a component history card or equivalent record for each crosstube assembly, converting accumulated run-on landings to an accumulated Retirement Index Number (RIN) count, and establishing a maximum accumulated RIN for certain crosstube assemblies.


This amendment is prompted by fatigue testing, analysis, and evaluation by the manufacturer that determined that run-on landings impose a high stress on landing gear or crosstubes and may cause cracking in the area above the skid tube saddle.


The actions specified by this AD are intended to prevent fatigue failure in a crosstube assembly due to excessive stress during run-on landings and subsequent loss of control of the helicopter.


See the full AD at


Bell 407 AD


My question is: Do people do run-on landings on a regular basis in 407s, or in any other skid-mounted a/c ?

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I don't know where this AD came from, as we've been counting x-Tube run-on landings for years ??? ...and NO, it's not common to Log any Run-on's in regular Ops.


The big difference on X-tubes on a 206 or L vs a 407 is the weight. The AUW in a 407 can be 5,250 Vs 4,150 with an L3, or 3,350 with a 206.

The other difference is the width, the 407 (high) skid tubes are Wide...they sit approx 99" apart, ( a 212 on low gear sits at 104").

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Part of a 407's hard landing inspection does include measuring the spread of the skid gear........so I've been told. Honest, I never did it !


Way back in the 70's, I recall a 206B on low gear...sitting so low that the hook was in the dirt. now, that was a hard landing (engine driven fuel pump failure). He saved his own life, the passengers lives, and saved the aircraft, except for the skid gear that is.

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