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New Bell Light Single?

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Hopefully the people they "listened to" were taller than 5' 4" and it would be nice to look out a side window and actually see something besides the window frame and door post. (roll eyes... ) Maybe a pilot's seat moved inboard and a small window to look through when long lining? but between the pilot's legs, (you have to be original!). And hey Bell designers, when you don't get the aircraft certified and have to make modifications, just add 4 inches to the seat height so that most pilots have to fly hunched over or with their heads/helmets crammed at an awkward angle into the skylight. 7,400 machines produced and each one of them a back ache in the making, high fives all around Bell. For such an expensive piece of machinery you think you could have come up with a seat that was more comfortable than one of those old metal tractor seats. When i see a Jetranger i just think back ache and wonder if they were not designed with spin off benefits in mind for chiropractors and physiotherapists ?



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Looks like a flying suppository ! At least they got the engine right . Won't be long until operators will try to put in a sand cast gearbox LTS thinking they will save money only to find out years later that inter mountain turbine is the only one of few places to get it fixed. More headache. TM all the way don't cheap out ! Better yet get on the engine exchange program and waits days for a module.


Penny wise pound foolish!


Hope it works out for BELL!




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