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206 Drive Shaft Temp Indicator


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I have a 206 that has darkened temperature indicator on the transmission side of the driveshaft.


The oil is bypassing the seal from engine to transmission. Does this explain the temp indicator?


The a/c is grounded to understand the problem of course.


Thanks for your help


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There are two colours of temp indicators, Yellow and Red.


The maintenance manual will indicate what to look for.


Table 63-3 of the Maintenance Manual, page 25.


(The aircraft isn't necessarily grounded.)

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I should mention that it is the yellow 602 indicator. Which if I read correctly in the manual, is rated for 270, and red is 360.. I think.


If the red turns black, you might not come back...? Changing indicators, no grease leaking, no excessive heat after shutdown, alignment ok, no vibration, no discoloring of apoxy, indicator black at transmission coupling only.

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As per the manual:


If one yellow indicator is black, and the other yellow indicator is good, the probable cause is contamination on installation. Keep flying and change the one indicator as soon as practical.


If both yellow indicators are black, there is an overtemp condition that must be fixed before further flight.

Check alignment, check for correct C of G loading, continued operating at high power settings.


I've also come across soft isolation mounts, bad batch of grease, in addition to misalignment issues for driveshaft over heating.

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